Saturday, June 4, 2011


The angel looks down at me,
Her breathing loud in my ears.
My heartbeats louder.
Cradling  my head in her arms,
Her eyes plunge into the depths of my soul.

Absorbing, feeding on the love she sees in there.
A sharp intake of breath,
She comes to me again.
Our bodies meet, creating a rhythm,
A divine dance of joy,
Of ecstasy, of love.
The angel looks down at me.

The angel looks down at me.
Her hair, black waterfalls,
Cascade down her shoulders, onto mine,
Encasing our heads in their own little world,
Where all I see are her eyes, all she sees are mine
And all that move are our lips
So engrossed in their speechless banter.

 The angel looks down at me.
Beads of sweat, like drops of dew, on her back
Wet the tips of my fingers,
Burning them.
I give in to their persuasions,
The dew-drops are on my lips.

I take in the nectar, like a wanderer in a desert,
‘cause she is my oasis,
My safest place to hide, my refuge.
In her lies my liberation.
She is my zahir.
She is nirvana.

The angel looks down at me.
Her warm breath, mingles with mine,
Forms a melody, likes of which never before been heard.
The music is in her lips, the music is in her eyes.
Its in the beating of her heart, the throbbing of her neck.

It engulfs me in my entirety.
The surface beneath gives way.
I drop into an infinite chasm.
Shimmering stars grow into a blinding flash.
The music reaches a roaring crescendo.

 A shudder courses through my body,
Intoxicaton pumps through my veins,
As the dance grows wilder.
Like a giant wave breaking upon a rock,
I destroy myself in this downpour of love.
Pieces to bits, ashes to dust,
I lose myself to her will,
‘cause she is my goddess.

I open my eyes to see that hers are closed.